Full Naked

In this section it will show you the basic ideas on how to draw a naked anime figure. I won't go into every little detail, but will show you how to make the body parts porportional to each other. Here are some of the things you should remember when drawing them naked. You must draw these at the right position to make it more "lively" and they are breast, arms, waist, hip and the legs. The bottom of the breast should be just above the mid length of the body. After drawing the breast you should draw the body curve inward to make the waist thinner. If you want to make the character more fit then make the waist even thinner. Then draw the body outward to make the hip. The arms length including the hand should be just below the hip. The legs length should be 1.5 of the body length. If you want to draw a naked character then you should follow these basic steps. You don't have to follow every single step, but keep in mind that the breast, waist and the hip is very important. Please study the examples below.

Total Time: > 4 minute