Drawing Video.

The video is from How to draw anime video VHS Vol 1 and Vol2.
It contains 3.5 hours of video.
Due to the internet bandwidth, we have to compress the video really hard.
You will need media 7.1 or higher to play the video, you can download it from Microsoft site.
If you want the full motion video you can order the VHS vol 1 and 2 from us.
NTSC only
$20+10US shipping.


Please RIGHT click on the mouse to save the file into your Hardrive.
How to draw video Download
Video Vol 1 File 1 Rigth Click
. File 2 Rigth Click
. File 3 Rigth Click
. File 4 Rigth Click
Video Vol 2 File 5 Rigth Click
. File 6 Rigth Click
. File 7 Rigth Click
. File 8 Rigth Click

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