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Y-ADS was designed for fans who want to make their own anime dating simulation without any programming. Using this software is as easy as counting 1-2-3, therefore, anyone can make their own ADS. There are 99 steps to complete the process, each step is as simple as using a word process. All you have to do is follow the 99 steps and you are done. You can design your own characters with our pre-made characters just with a click of a mouse. You can even draw your own character and background, and LOAD them into the Y-ADS software. From designing your own characters to making your own display color all in 99 steps. Now let's make Y-ADS !!!!



You can make your own background or use YADS pre-made background.  The character will transpose onto the background for you automatically.

 The display will be on top of the background and the character, therefore the text file can be seen easier. You can pick the font color and the color of the display.

The transpose work by making two pictures on top of the background.  The “black” foreground of the character will go first then the full color foreground of the character will go on top of the black.  The pre-made character will be done for you with both black and full color figure.  However, if you want to load in your own character then you will have to do the black by your self using CG software like Photoshop.  Which is very easy, and should take about 5 seconds or less.

You make your own map.  Another you design your own dating spots.  From going to your local park to movie theater, music concert, sport center, garden….. All the backgrounds will be pre-made for you, so you don’t have to draw it.

All you have to do is selection how many dating background you want to put in your game design


Novel type

Part of the game will be play like a visual Novel.  Where you basically for the main character daily life…meeting new people or just socialize with other character in the plot.  It’s will be like choosing your own adventure novel.

In certain sencerio you will have to pick some options to continue the game.  


Simulation type

You could make the game into a simulation, where you can build your character.
You decide what icons you want to put in the game and when various icons are performed, it will either raise your stats up or it may decrease your stats down.

Above 3 examples are your basic type you can create from using YADS.  YADS software will make the game works like Muto Memories 2 for whose of you who have played MM2, should understand how the process work.



Character Design

This is where you will design your own character, which you will use it for your game.  If you don’t feel like designing your own character, then you can use our pre-made character.  You can select many combination of characters.

During your designing, you can change the hair, face, the eye’s color and many mores.  You can choose their hobby, habit, personality and much more.


Game Play Design

The game designs are done here.  From deciding what the character should do to making the display color.  Choose your background music or importing your own background music  Basically, this section will provide all the advance operation of the game.

This section also make the calendar for the game or schedule for the game.  From the start of the game to the end of the game.


Display setting

You will be able to choose your display panel You can pick where it should be by simply clicking on the picture.  You can also pick where your simulation icons should go.   



Dating spots

Pick your own dating spots or design what dating spots the game will have.


Game setting

This is the core of the game.  From making the game easy to making it more complex and unique.

Weather control, mask pattern, calendar, parameter, schedule, time to perform, and much more.

Some of the function may look hard but it is very easy as 1-2-3.  You can make the game as simple as using a word process in your computer.


Your Suggestions

Story/Plot :
We need some who can write a story with multiple ending using 4 female characters.  You can have supporting female and male characters as many as you want but keep it simple. The only restriction we have it that one of the main female character must be your childhood friend and she must be included in the plot.

Must be in detail with as least 2 pages of  the summary of the story.  You must have the character’s characteristic in full detail along with your summary.

We ask the deadline to be sometimes next month.  You will be pay (not much) if  your story is selected.  If we don’t select any story, then by default we will use Muto’s Memories 2 story line to keep it simple.



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