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What are Dating-Sims?

In Japan there are many love romance games or better yet known as dating simulation games for none Japanese speaking person. Most of the games are made for PC, and the plot ranges from friendship to love. The games are based on simulation with the element of adventure style in it, and they usually take place in your younger days when you are still in school. .Some of the games contain mostly romance and comedy, while other are more serious and deal with the complication of relationship between a boy and a girl.

What are Visual Novel?

There are also "visual novel" games which are based on heavily text design. The player is required to read the text and click on the text to be able to continue with the game. Occasionally, the player will have some options to choose from, therefore, the player's choice will determine the "game story."

Muto Anime Games: Sims or Visual Novel?

To make the best of both worlds, we at have decided to make most of our games to be able to do both. Another words, our games are half "sims" and half "visual novel", which we believe will be more fun to play.



img13.gif Dating Sims/Visual Novels: What they contains? img13.gif


Most of the games are made for male audience therefore, the main character in the game is usually male. In this case, your job is to win one of the girl's heart. A typical simulation game goals is to get a love confession from your favorite girl at the end of the game. There are some games where you may have to fight an enemy (another male character in the game) to keep him away from your girlfriend.


Some of the games contain only 3 female characters, where other contain more than 10 female characters. Usually, every game has one female childhood friend, one spunky female, sporty female, quiet female and other various characteristics.


You have options to choose your own characteristics at the start of the game. This will develop the story of the game with your game character.


The story should take place in some high school, the ending should be your last year of school, where the female character confesses her love to you.


-Multiple endings:
a) happy: marry the girl, live happily after
b) normal: did not get the girl, live normal after
c) sad: girl gets angry, bad ending.


Background music with some sad, happy and special effect sounds. Special music for the ending.



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