Together Forever English Dating Simulation

img4.gif Title Together Forever English Anime Simulation
img4.gif Company Muto Anime
img4.gif Genre High School Visual Novel/Simulation
img4.gif OS 2000/2003/XP
img4.gif Media CD-ROM/Download
img4.gif Price Download Free
img4.gif Release Date October 1 2003
img4.gif System Recommendation Pentium3 900Mhz / AMD 900Mhz
img4.gif Memory 256 MB
img4.gif HDD Space 80 MB
img4.gif Graphic 800x600 with 32K colors
img4.gif Sound PCM compatible sound card
img4.gif Music Background Music/Sound Effect
img4.gif Special Feature Omake
img4.gif Demo: Download Full playable game with full features enabled..
img4.gif Cd-Rom It comes with game box, and mini posters.

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img4.gif CG High color Yes img4.gif BG Music Yes
img4.gif Save 1 img4.gif Message skip Yes
img4.gif STORY - INFORMATION img4.gif
IMG1 What will  you do when you live by yourself?
What will you do when you have four beautiful girls ask you out? Play Together Forever and find out...



You are Kintaro, Ikeda, going through a hard time in your final year of High School. Life isn't easier with your parents away from home, but somehow you manage all by yourself. However, life gets more complicated when you have to decide which girl you truly love. Will it be your childhood friend, Akiko, or your annoying classmate Yumi, or the mysterious girl name Mai, or...

img4.gif GAME SYSTEM - FEATURE img4.gif
IMG2  Half visual novel and half simulation. Best of both worlds!

Together forever is a adventure game with options to pick from. It utilizes a multi-ending system, where the stories unfold and change according to options one select during the game play.  The ending depends on how one play! Can you find all the endings?

* You will need to build your character up from the planar.
* The higher your stats... the better chance of you winning a girl heart.
* The further you proceed in the game, the more you have to decide which stats you want to build up.
* Each girl has different feelings.

img4.gif EXTRA FEATURE img4.gif
IMG3 * Omake
In Omake, you will find information about the characters and their secrets. Additional information, including our upcoming games, and the making of the games.

CD-Rom will come with a game box, including mini-posters.

Akiko Matsuoka
She is your childhood friend.  Your parents and her parents are good friend.
You have gone to the same school with her, since grade 1.
You walk to school with her almost every day.

She likes to cook. Listen to classical Music.
She is very artistic, and she likes some who has charm.

Height.B.W.H / 165cm.80.58.81
Yumi Hinayama
She is Akiko's best friend. You met her in Jr. High School.
You have gone to the same school with her, since Jr. High. The three of  you usually hang around Mucha
She loves to argue with you just to bug you..

She loves to gossip about anything. She likes to go to the arcade.
She is very athletic, and she is into fashion.

Height.B.W.H / 167cm.79.58.79
Mai Misaka
She is the class president.  She was in your Jr. High School.
She doesn't talk much. She doesn't go out much, and spend most of her time staying home.
She helps her parents run a ramen shop.

She loves to read. She loves studying.
She is very smart, and she is very artistic..

Height.B.W.H / 164cm.82.60.81
Reiko Sakashita
She is known as the princess in your school.  Her family is very wealthy owning everything from resturant to bank.
No one really know anything about her, since she doesn't talk much.
Many boys in your school have tried to ask her out, but fail miserably.

She loves to read poems.  She likes to keep herself busy.
She likes to keep track of her money, her look seriously.

Height.B.W.H / 167cm.79.58.79
Kurumi Akiyama
She is your home form teacher.  She is very beautiful and smart.
No one knows if she has a boyfriend or not.
She likes to pick on  you for some reasons.


Height.B.W.H / 172cm.82.58.82



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